Well...there really isn't any easy way to say here it goes. For nearly 3 years I've worked in conjunction with 4 of the greatest people I've ever had the privilege of creating music with. Clearly, there was a chemistry that was unparalleled with any other musical situation that any of us had previously been in. Our dynamic personalities and unique approaches to songwriting are what helped us create and develop our bizarre compositions that we liked to call music. This reason alone is why it saddens me greatly to announce that TARGET the MESSENGER has officially disbanded.

Without going into detail, the decision has been unanimously made by all 5 members to split amicably. There isn't any one specific variable that attributes to our choice, rather a culmination of 3 years of deciding factors that helped us shape our differing perspectives. I share so many great memories with Jarod, Kevin, Ian and TJ, and I have developed what I'd like to consider a strong bond of friendships that will last a lifetime. I wish my brothers well with any new projects that they may pursue and I'm sure our paths will cross again somewhere down the road. As for now...we go our separate ways.

To our fans...we feel forever indebted to you for your years of overwhelmingly loyal support. None of our accomplishments would have happened if it weren't for all of you. You have literally helped us in so many ways that we can't even begin to describe how grateful we truly are. Our main goals in this band were to write the best songs we could, to release (multiple) full length albums, and provide the best live and recorded entertainment to you as affordable as possible. It seems our time has been cut in light of the circumstances...we've decided to release our entire catalog of music for FREE. Most of the song versions that we are releasing were never meant to be heard by anyone other than the band and the band's management. Some of this material was strictly used for a pre-production demo format. We only ask that you PLEASE look past the production and enjoy the music for what it is...a candid look inside the band's twisted perception of easy listening. These songs encompass our tumultuous 3 year journey front to back...beginning to end. We hope that you will understand our decision and enjoy this comprehensive look back into our creations.

Please feel free to share these songs with friends if you wish...after all...they were written to be heard. They were written for you. Thank you again for all of your means everything to us.


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2011 Neil Kernon Demos
1. Lon Chaney Jr. (Demo)
2. Everlasting Arms (Demo)
3. Drag the Bay (Demo)
4. Breathe Me (Sia Cover)(Demo)
5. Paparazzi (Lady Gaga Cover)(Demo)

2011 Demos
1. Starting Friendly Fires (Demo)
2. Pfister's Epidemic (Demo)
3. Revenant (Demo)
4. Cobra Kai (Demo)
5. Mayday (Demo)
6. The Unwilling/Unable Ventriloquist (Demo)
7. Some Hill or Horizon (Demo)
8. Do I Know You? (Demo)
9. A Year In Grayscale (Demo)
10. The Skeptic (Demo)
11. 1955 (Demo)
12. Architect for Hire (Demo)
13. Glasseater (Rough Demo)
14. Eventide (Rough Demo)

BONUS! 2009 Self-Titled EP
1. A Year In Grayscale
2. The Unwilling/Unable Ventriloquist
3. Some Hill or Horizon
4. My Love Affair with AM Radio
5. Pfister's Epidemic